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Select from our wide range of affordable Necklace Box, Plastic Jewelry Packaging Box, etc.
About Us

When in need for durable, beautifully crafted and practical boxes for safely storing jewellery items, come to Praptishree Plastopack Industries and meet all your jewellery storage needs. We maintain a large stock of Necklace Box, Mangalsutra Box, Earrings Box, Bangle Box, etc., which are great options when it comes to organizing and safely keeping your valuables and other items. 

We serve as a manufacturer with the mission to be an extension of any business in the field of jewellery. From retailers of earrings and bangles to producers of delicate necklaces and mangalsutras, our range is chosen by many. This is why we have among our long-term clients many premium jewellers, gemologists, jewellery repairers, jewellery hobbyists and others.

We began earnestly over three years ago and are now fully functional as a jewellery box supplier that can cater to specific needs of a market that is constantly shifting, changing and evolving. Today, our customized packages cater to a large audience comprising every type of clients.  

Values We Adopt

We boast of providing the jewellery industry of India with a plethora of packaging options. As we celebrate the love people have for jewellery, we keep up with certain cardinal values, which are:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Honesty
  • Engagement

Our Excellence

Our aim being to reduce inefficiency so that buyers have the privilege of dealing with one streamlined business that manufactures quality products and also takes care of their on-time delivery, we always remain on our toes and work with unimaginable speed and flexibility. We harness our industry knowledge to create the best designs in Necklace Box, Mangalsutra Box, Earrings Box, Bangle Box, etc., and provide rapid delivery of products to the doorsteps of customers. We also know and understand it well that each client comes with requirement for a product that is unique. Therefore, we craft the range using A grade paper, plastic, velvet, satin, wood, etc., in different shapes. We can also customize our jewellery boxes range, so that no matter what sized items need proper storage, we can offer the right one for the right job. We also quality test each box to make sure it can withhold the exact weight of even heavy jewellery items like bangles and neckpieces, and is transport friendly and affordable.
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